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Bettergram Explained In 60 Seconds

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Bettergram Features

Our goal is to help our users keep their chats organized.

  • You can finally pin 50 chats instead of 5. Booya!
  • Filter by category: favorites, dms, group, & announcements
  • Add important conversations to your favorites tab
  • View real-time crypto prices from Live Coin Watch
  • Enjoy the Telegram's world famous privacy and security
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How It Works

Bettergram uses the Telegram API and open source code with a few modifications to provide users with a more organized interface. Just like Telegram, you can use your existing account or create a new account through their servers.

Download Client

Bettergram is 100% open source according the GNU 3.0 license terms

Install Software

You can download Bettergram for free on Mac and PC


Login using your existing account or create a new Telegram account

Why We Built It

Telegram is an essential part of our lives as tech entrepreneurs. Over 200+ million monthly active users love the app, but we believed it could be better. Thankfully, Telegram is 100% open source which allowed us build an improved UI/UX on top of their API.

In addition to Bettergram, our CEO is also the founder of Envoy Chain, Live Coin Watch, Coin Break, and Crypto Traffic Rank.

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Screenshot City

Take a look at some screenshots of Bettergram in action. We've also shared the results of a clean security scan using 67 different anti-virus scanners of the Bettergram app.

We want to thank the entire Telegram team for building an incredible product that enables private communication for the entire world. Without you, Bettergram would not be possible.

If you have any recommendations for new features or improvements, please let us know by emailing us at We also encourage developers to help us make Bettergram even better. Don't hesistate to reach out - actual humans will read your email :)


Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to cover some of them here. You can always chat with us on Telegram!

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Is the Bettergram safe to install?
# Security is a huge priority for our team, which is why we hired two independent code auditors to review our Github commits. In addition, noted Cryptocurrency community members Allie Z volunteered to review the code. Bettergram is open source software and you are free to review it yourself. Please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information.
What information does Bettergram store?
All information for your favorites and pinned chats are stored locally on your machine. We purposely designed the app like this for your privacy. Bettergram only stores your email (not linked to your telegram account) to send you our crypto newsletter, which you'll love. You can read our privacy policy for more info.
How do you make money?
There's a small unobtrusive text bar located at the top of the client which will be used for announcements like software updates and ads. We might have a paid upgrade to remove sponsored messages in the future. Green lambos aren't cheap (It's a matchbox car)
Is Bettergram available for Mac?
Yes! We launched the Mac version of Bettergram on August 3rd, 2018. We're currently working on the iOS and Android versions now.
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